Available with   User platform Cashless.fr

For users there is a unique platform: Cashless.fr. They will be able to associate their Cashless tag and apply for a refund.

If they encounter difficulties, a complete knowledge base allows them to find help or contact customer service. 

Sample release

Refund of your cashless card is available from ... to ...

To apply for a refund, just create an account on http://cashless.fr and associate the token (small number with 7 characters present on the card / bracelet). Once connected and the bracelet / card associated, you can click on the tab "Refund" and then fill in the necessary banking information to receive the transfer. Transfers will be made starting ........... 
For any question, send a request to the Cashless.fr team.  

User journey

  1. The user goes to https://cashless.fr, and fills up their cashless card number
  2. They go to the tab "refund", and adds their IBAN and BIC.
  3. They receive a confirmation email for their refund request
  4. They will receive the amount of their refund when you make the payments from your bank account

You can communicate to your customers the procedure to request a refund on cashless.fr

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