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It is important to contact your bank before</ strong> setting up the online refund to make sure that the option of "bulk transfer via XML file" is possible. This option may have a cost, it depends only on your bank.

Set up

In order to set up the online refund, you need more information: 

  • The IBAN and the BIC of the bank account that will make the transfers to users
  • Any refund costs that may be variable and/or fixed
  • Communication for users
Fixed costs
Fixed amount deducted from each amount to be refunded
For example: €0.10 on each refunded amount
Variable costs
Variable amount deducted from the amount to be refunded (before fixed fee if both are applied)
For example: 5% on each amount refunded

Opening refunds online

The online refund period will be open the day after your event and for a period of 2 weeks. If you want to set up a refund fee, you have to set it beforehand.

  Cashless System > Cashless.fr > Settings > Payment method and refund

Activate a refund fee

To activate the fee, simply check in the upper part "Activate refund fees" and then set the fixed amounts and / or variable.   

  For info

These are the charges configured at the time of the user's refund request that are applied. In the event of modification during the refund this will not apply retroactively.

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