Available with   User platform Cashless.fr

Approve requests

  Cashless System > Cashless.fr > Refunds > Approve

When the refund claim period is over, you will be able to approve refund requests by simply clicking on the amount.


Then after reviewing the list by clicking on the button Mass approve.


Generate a refund batch

  Cashless System > Cashless.fr > Refund > Manage batches

Once the requests have been approved, it is necessary to wait for them to be validated. The back office will check the refund amounts and apply any fees.

Then you have to batch the refund requests, just click Automatic Batch.


Download a batch

  Cashless System > Cashless.fr > Refund > Run a batch

 Once the batching is complete, simply generate the batch by clicking Generate. The creation of the XML file can take a little time, once finished you can download the batch and forward the file to your bank.


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