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The sales data of the event are available via 3 downloadable files from the back office

  Cashless System >   Exports


Below you will find the information to read the transactions on these files.


The card summary contains the status of all the cards used on your contract: refundable balance, non-refundable, excluding accounting, first transaction, last transaction, group.

For this file, the data does not depend on the chosen dates and reflects all the cashless tags related to your contract.


Financial flows bring together all the financial transactions in your contract: collections and disbursements depending on the node, the point of interest, the seller, the method of payment and the amount.

* Beware, because it summarizes all cash-ins, this sheet can contain two lines for the same transaction:

  • a line that details the amount cashed and the method of payment used: "You cashed 20 euros physically in credit card"
  • a line that details the amount cashless topped-up on the tag: "20 credits were added on a Cashless tag".

Conversely, when an end-user consumes 10 credits at a point of sale via his Cashless tag, a single line will appear in the file: "10 credits have been withdrawn from the Cashless tag" but no other cashing / disbursement has been made. 


Sales contain all item sales made by node, point of interest, vendor, NFC tag (if any), item, accounting amount, and non-accounting amount, the amount excluding tax, the VAT collected and the VAT rate.

For each item sold, a line is created. It is therefore possible that for a basket with 20 credits, there is only one line in the Flows file and 4 in the Sales file (for example for a basket with 4 items at €5.00)


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