What happens if the equipment is not given on time?

The Mybee Box must be given to the deliveryman within 2 business days of the end of your event. 2 pickups at the delivery address will be scheduled with the Mybee Box team to make it as simple as possible. In the event that these pickups fail, it is still possible to deposit them the same day in a TNT agency. 

You can find the nearest TNT agency here. It is important to select only the TNT agencies and not the partner merchants because they will not be able to take care of the parcels.


All information to prepare the return can be found in the article Return of the Mybee Box

  Return the Mybee Box

As a reminder, late penalties are applied beyond 2 business days:

Number of Boxes Penalty per day of delay*
1 122,50 € HT
2 245,00 € HT
3 367,50 € HT
4 490,00 € HT
5 612,50 € HT
6 735,00 € HT
7 857,50 € HT
8 980,00 € HT
9 1 102,50 € HT
10 1 225,00 € HT

*In case of difference with your quote or your CGV, these documents are the authentic ones to be referred to

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