Once the packages are ready and made available to the deliveryman you have nothing to do. To be sure that the collection takes place, it is necessary that: 

  • that packages are ready and closed
  • that the vouchers are stuck on each package
  • that the packages are available at the place of delivery
  • the contact person for delivery is available to answer the phone


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In most cases the driver will call you to verify that someone will be present to give the packages. When picking up the delivery person will have you sign a receipt for the number of packages recovered.


In case the pickup did not take place before 16:30 please contact us to plan a second pickup for the next day. It must be ordered before 10:00 to be on time. 


In case the pickup fails twice you will have to go yourself to TNT agency to deposit the packages. You can find the nearest TNT agency on this website (search agencies only, not partner merchants) In case of delay beyond 2 days, penalties are applied.


Number of Boxes Penalty per day of delay *
1 122,50 € HT
2 245,00 € HT
3 367,50 € HT
4 490,00 € HT
5 612,50 € HT
6 735,00 € HT
7 857,50 € HT
8 980,00 € HT
9 1 102,50 € HT
10 1 225,00 € HT

*In case of difference with your quote or your CGUV, these documents are the ones to be referred to

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