What to do if equipment is missing

Once the Mybee Box is returned to our logistician they are reconditioned for the next event. In case of lack of equipment, our logistician tells us the number of equipment and the exact number.

We will send you an email with this information so that you can check that missing references have not been left behind. If necessary, these are invoiced. As a reminder here are the amounts of deposits for the different references:

Reference Deposit*
Mobile terminal FX100 110,00 € HT
Terminal V2 PRO 250,00 € HT
Extra Battery 5,00 € HT
Charging Hub 60,00 € HT
Power Hub 5,00 € HT
USB Cable 2,00 € HT
Custom foam 80,00 € HT
Custom cardboard 5,00 € HT

*In case of difference with your quote or your CGV, these documents are the authentic ones to be referred to

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