Once the terminals have been associated with the profit centers, rights must be given to the staff tags so that the cashiers, sellers and admin can connect to the Cashless POS application with the correct functions.

You must associate each staff tag a role allowing it to unlock certain accesses to certain functionalities. The existing roles therefore have predefined authorized actions:

sale, top-up, cancellation, transfer of credits, refund
top-up, credit transfer and cancellation
sale and cancellation


To manage refunds on site, it is possible to ask the Mybee Box team to activate refunds for the role of cashier.

  Cashless System >   Merchant >   Staff tags > Listing

To configure a role on a staff tag, simply: 

  1. Click on the staff tag to configure (the 7-character number is on the front of the card)
  2. In the role tab of the staff tag, select one or more profit centers and the role to associate
  3. Click on add, the role is then displayed in the list below
1 2 3



We recommend giving only one role per staff tag (on one or more profit centers).


If it's not done yet, you have to associate the terminals

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