It is possible to change the roles of a staff tag during your event if a tag is lost in order to replace it, or to modify the rights of a vendor. This is done in 2 steps:

On the back office  

  Cashless System >   Merchant >   Staff Tags > Listing

First of all by modifying it directly on the back office. You just need to add the desired roles in association with the profit centers. It is not possible to remove a role to avoid a handling error.


These changes will not be immediately applied to the terminals. We must follow the second step to ensure that the changes are available on all terminals.

On the terminals    

You will need to synchronize the terminals and update the session of the vendor who is connected. 

To force the new configuration just open the Cashless Sync application and click on "Force synchronization" from the menu   at the top right.

Once the synchronization is successful it will be necessary to disconnect and reconnect the vendor from the app.


There is no need to synchronize terminals that are not affected by the changes.

This article includes everything you need to know to create or modify a staff tag


If the terminals are connected to an internet network they will automatically synchronize and propose to the vendors to apply the new configuration.

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