A profit center is a set of parameters (payment methods, sales methods, staff tags, articles, etc.) gathered under the same name, for example Bank A or Bar North. One or more terminals can then be associated with these profit centers.

There are 3 types of profit centers :

Article Management,
top-up and
This is the most used type, it allows to manage the top-up and refund of credits on Cashless tags as well as the sale of catalog items
Amount entry
(without items)
It is a similar type to a TPE bank terminal, allowing to enter an amount to debit Cashless tags. This is convenient when item prices are not known in advance.
Access control
This type of profit center is not necessary for the use of permissions (the type of article management also allows it) but it adds the possibility to control in series an article without having to validate the basket.


The first profit center to configure is a bank to top-up cashless tags.

  Create a bank



In addition to profit center settings, the role given to a staff tag on the profit center is important. For example :

  • A staff tag with the cashier role on a profit center without a payment method will not be able to perform top-ups or refunds
  • A staff tag with the seller role on a profit center with article management, but without any article in it can not sell
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