The back-office is the first tool you will use to configure your Mybee Box. You have received (or will soon receive) an email confirming the creation of your account (sent by

Once your account is created you will be able to log in to your back office and start the configuration.

Log in  

Here is how the back office is organized


Shortcuts and accounts

In the top right are the shortcuts to the Mybee Box Academy for example and the menu to access the settings of the user account.


A first component allows you to choose the desired use between configuring your back office or consulting your dashboard.


The breadcrumb can be used to determine what level of navigation the user is in the Cashless System. It is possible at any time to go up one level by clicking on a breadcrumb link or on the back arrow.


On the left side of the screen is the navigation, which displays the menus available according to the navigation level:

  Cashless System   Merchant   Profit center   Article
  • General settings
  • Merchant
  • Terminals
  • Cashless Tags
Main panel  

It is here that the various elements can be configured or consulted depending on the level of navigation.


Finishing the configuration a week before the event allows to launch it with confidence. As soon as you receive your terminals you will be able to test them.

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